“It is the first step that is difficult.” – Nigerian Proverb

“He who waits for a chance may wait for a long time.” – Nigerian Proverb

Too often I have found both of these Nigerian proverbs to be true in my life. I have lots of ideas & lots of problems executing those ideas. I wait too long for the stars to align or the perfect chance to show up.

When a Nigerian friend of Ball Project told me that he needs 100 soccer balls, I knew the chance had come & that I had to take that first step.

Soccer balls for Nigerian children

Soccer balls from Ball Project waiting impatiently to be distributed in Nigeria.

In June Ball Project sent $500 to Nigeria for soccer balls.

It is now the end of July & I am happy to say that the funds arrived, 20 soccer balls were purchased & distributed to several different regions of the country.

1. Train a Child network (Abuja) – 2 balls
2. Saminaka Youths Sports Academy (Kaduna) – 4
3. Kano Under15 Girls football team (Kano) – 4
4. Government Secondary School, Billiri (Gombe) – 5
5. Rev. Emmanuel Adedibu (Ibadan) – 1
6. Regeneration Soccer Academy (Nasarawa) – 4

Ball Project is still trying to raise an additional $2,000 to buy 80 more soccer balls for Nigeria.

Thank you for your support & encouragement to help children play.

Kano U15 girls football team with new Ball Project soccer balls

Kano U15 girls football team with new Ball Project soccer balls