“Imagination is more important than knowledge.” – Albert Einstein

Rag Ball

Example of a rag ball used by millions of kids around the world.

The Ball Project logo represents a rag soccer ball.

Millions of children around the world make soccer balls out of trash bags, rags, banana leaves &/or anything else near at hand because they cannot afford real soccer balls. The kids know they cannot afford a real soccer ball but that does not stop them from using their imagination & making a ball from what they do have.

Ball Project’s goal is to get real soccer balls & sports equipment to community leaders to help kids play.

Through organized sport & play kids can learn valuable life lessons & life skills such as goal setting, teamwork, discipline, & the importance of practice & hard work. Sport & play can help children develop self confidence, physical fitness & a love the outdoors.

Ball Project thanks Sean Sheridan at http://www.4MinuteMedia.com for the design, ideas, photos, help & encouragement, not to mention the donations to South Africa & Dominica.

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