“If you want to go fast – go alone. If you want to go far – go together.” – African proverb

In less than 2 weeks Ball Project & The Viewfinder Project (http://www.theviewfinderproject.org) hit the road for 6 weeks near Cape Town, South Africa.

The purpose of the trip is to visit friends & projects & spend time with 60 young leaders from around the world being trained in either community sports leadership or community transformation (HIV/AIDS, job creation & youth leadership development). I will also be teaching on developing grassroots & international partnerships.

One of the partnership exercises I facilitate is what started Ball Project. Each of the 60 leaders writes a simple 1 page project plan on how they would start a partnership in their community with only had $20US & a soccer ball. When they finish their training, I give them $20US & a soccer ball. There have been some amazing results from this simple exercise. & from this simple exercise, we have identified our partners in Nigeria, Nepal, Sudan, Guatemala & India.

I need to raise $3,000 to equip each of these 60 leaders with $20US & a soccer ball. If you want to team up with Ball Project go to the give page on the website.

The Viewfinder Project is a great program that helps children see life differently by teaching them photography & life skills. There is a Viewfinder Project happening in Kayamandi, a township on the edge of Stellenbosch South Africa. When they started the Viewfinder Project they did not have any cameras, so they made cameras out of cardboard.

The Viewfinder Project is trying to raise $2,000 to buy 20 digital cameras to keep the program going with their partners in South Africa. To learn more about The Viewfinder Project please look at http://www.theviewfinderproject.org.

Thanks again for helping Ball Project in our mission to help children play.