There are a few things I have learned from traveling overseas.

1.      Like the Boy Scouts – be prepared.

2.      Assume that you are going to have to give a talk/workshop/seminar no matter how many times you are assured that you won’t have to give a talk/workshop/seminar.

3.      Be prepared to wait; bring something to read… everywhere you go.

So relating to #’s 1 & 2, I loaded several presentations on developing effective partnerships onto a USB drive, along with training notes & handouts.  I had been assured that the community sports leaders I would be meeting with already knew the material & I could just spend time with them & get to know them & their projects.

Then I got to South Africa & was told that I had 9 hours of presentations to make & that some of the 26 community sports leaders know some of the material & some know nothing about partnering. So I’ve been busy printing training notes, handouts, making copies & reviewing presentations.

But it is wonderful to be here in South Africa with so many inspiring people working on amazing projects to help children play.

& yes, I brought many, many books to read & take one with me everywhere.