I just finished 2 days training 26 leaders from over a dozen countries in how to build local & international partnerships. It is always encouraging & humbling to learn from & with young excited leaders from different languages, different cultures, different political situations, & completely different lives.

Part of their training is to develop a 1 page plan on how they will start a local partnership if their only resources are a soccer ball & $20US. At the end of their 3 month training, each leader is given $20US & a soccer ball. Each year I am amazed at people’s creativity & their resourcefulness with 1 ball & $20US.

One year an African friend used his soccer ball & $20US to start 3 youth soccer teams & 2 literacy groups in 3 different villages. Don’t ask me how he did it, I’m still baffled.

Thanks again for your willingness to help community leaders around the world to help children play.