Just a short update today.

I am busy trying to wrangle & print & review 26 new proposals for Ball Project. The proposals come from all over the world including Asia, Africa, the US, Brazil & Eastern Europe. It is always fascinating to discover peoples’ creativity when given an opportunity. In this case the opportunity is to start a local partnership with $20US & a soccer ball.

Thanks to Ball Project donors, we will be funding these pilot programs & hopefully develop long term partnerships with some of these young community leaders.

Thanks to the Ball Project donors for helping community leaders from around the world to help children play.

In other news….

We are also busy with meetings with friends/partners from South Africa, Australia & the US. In 2 days I will be doing a morning of teaching at a community transformation school on building effective partnerships. & The Viewfinder Project in Kayamandi Township is going very well will have a gallery show & graduation next week. http://www.theviewfinderproject.org. The Viewfinder Project helps young people to see life differently by teaching photography & life skills.