After 5 great weeks in South Africa I am happy to be back home again in Indiana. I am less happy about the piles of mail & administrative work I have to catch up on.

The trip to South Africa was a great success. Ball Project met with existing partners in South Africa & Nigeria & identified several new potential Ball Project partners who have community projects going already. Ball Project can come alongside these programs with balls & sports equipment to allow them to increase their work or explore new opportunities.

Ball Project also funded 3 more small projects:

1.      $200 sent to Zimbabwe for balls for an orphanage

2.      3 rugby balls & 4 soccer balls for Raithby Primary School outside of Stellenbosch South Africa

3.      $1,300 for 26 balls (23 soccer, 1 volleyball & 2 basketballs) + $20/person for 26 young community leaders from around the world

It is good to be home & I am happy to have more work to do & more partners to help children play.