Three things I get excited about are Ball Project, running & music. So for better or worse, here is a mix of songs that I would be excited to take on a run. This music is meant to encourage, inspire & make you move, think & mellow out. You may or may not like any or all of it. & that is OK. Just remember to be grateful that you can listen to good creative music & that you can get outside & run & play. Thanks for reading & listening & thanks for helping children play.

1.      Supergrass – Moving

2.      The Innocence Mission – Go

3.      Jonsi – Go Do

4.      Doves – There goes the fear

5.      The Beach Boys – Don’t back down

6.      Coldplay – Speed of sound

7.      Thad Cockrell – Pride (won’t get us where we’re going)

8.      Crowded House – Don’t stop now

9.      Mysteries of Life – Hard as I may try

10.  Jeff Black – A long way to go

11.  The Innocence Mission – Mile-marker

Ball Project Running Mix #1 is available on iTunes: