“Give me a ball & I’ll have a thousand kids chasing after it.” – Solomon, Kenya

The seed for Ball Project was planted years ago when my friend & mentor Solomon said that simple sentence. As I’ve written & said before, until then it never really occurred to me that many good things really can be done with something as simple as a ball.

I have been to some of the villages outside Nairobi with Solomon & seen the soccer teams he has started. I have watched the children run & play & practice & work together as a team. These are all simple things & too often simple things are taken for granted.

Coaching great John Wooden said, “It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.” The mission of Ball Project is to help children play.

Basketball legend Larry Bird said, “First master the fundamentals.” Ball Project gets funds & balls to community leaders like Solomon. That is as simple as we can make it.

In Orlando a few weeks ago I gave Solomon $500. This morning I received this update:


Greetings from Nairobi.

I was glad to receive your gift of $ 500 for balls during the Orlando meeting.

I received more gifts and I have already bought:

==  26 Footballs

==  20 Netballs

==  18 Volleyball    Total 64 balls

We have started distributing them to:

===   Ng’undu  Youth Football team                      –  2 balls

===   Watume Football Fellowship team             –  5 balls

===   Masai land area (Mashuru)                            – 26 balls (for 14 Churches)

===   Graceland School (for KidsGames)              –  3 balls

===   Hawa Children home                                         –  2 balls

===   Gaitho’s team                                                         –  1 ball

===   Gatua’s team                                                          –  3 balls

===   Kibera team                                                            –  1 ball

Once again thank you very much.


I would like to thank everyone who is helping Ball Project & Ball Project Partners like Solomon to help children play.