A few days ago I was on a chat with Ball Project partners from around the world. Here are a couple of recent updates from the field:

  1. Ukraine: “We had some meetings with one Fund for work with children, and we got funds for equipment for 10 teams in villages. Together with funds from Ball Project we have money for 11 teams.”
  2. Nigeria: “This month, we had two soccer camps for children aged 9 – 13, one in Masaka, an over-populated area in the outskirts of Abuja, and the other in Jos. The one held in Jos was very emotional for me cos’ last year just before the World Cup of Soccer, I visited this particular area after the mayhem that killed over 300 people mostly Women and Children. The soccer balls we gave to the community, are still being used by the kids, it was amazing to see the kids coming out to play together after the crisis.”

Thanks to our partners & supporters for continuing to help children play.