Many thanks to our Ball Project partners & supporters for a successful 2011.

Ball Project’s mission is to help children play by getting balls & sports equipment to local community leaders around the world.

Ball Project was founded on one simple idea: If children learn to play together when they are young, they are less likely to fight each other as adults.

A quick recap of some of the accomplishments & milestones:

  1. Ball Project collected over $26,000
  2. Ball Project gave away over $14,000
  3. Ball Project funded projects all over the world in +/- 14 countries
    1. Africa: Kenya, Mozambique, Niger, Nigeria, South Africa, Uganda, Zimbabwe
    2. Asia: Bhutan, Nepal, India
    3. Europe: Romania, Ukraine
    4. South Pacific: New Zealand
    5. Gave 30 graduates of the International Sports Leadership School in South Africa $20 & a ball to start a partnership & a sports project in their community.
    6. 34 people have joined the Ball Project Advisory Team
    7. www.BallProject.comcontinues to develop
      1. Just before Christmas I was able to launch an online store selling Ball Project hats, t-shirts & fleece jackets. You can find the store at:
      2. Earlier in the year I added a Resources page to the website so that Ball Project International Partners can find information on rules & regulations & training ideas for soccer, basketball & volleyball: