Here is a short edited update from our Ball Project partner in Kampala Uganda:

“It is my pleasure to bring you on board with what has been happening in the Ball Project. Despite its slow start there is tremendous growth as people gain access to the Ball.

This small piece of leather is still a master of drawing many together.

1. A pastor who received two brand new soccer balls was unanimously elected to become the team manager of a village team because he had balls.

This has lifted not only his esteem & status in the community but also opportunities with people.

This pastor is always call saying, “do you still have some of those doors” meaning balls.

2. Two tournaments have been setup as an annual league & tournament among Under 16s.

3. I personally feel encouraged whenever we have the ability to provide tools for such endeavors.

How much more will you & the partners draw blessings from your continued support.

Blessings & I am sorry, I have tried to be brief & there are loads of stories that encourage me when I hear from the field.”

Thanks to the Team in Uganda for their hard work & willingness to build & serve in their communities & to help children play.