This is a short update from our Ball Project Partner in Ukraine:

“Thank you for finances for balls. I already communicated with partners and told to those who has lack in balls that we will present them balls for their teams. They were very happy. So I will order balls in UK and in 1,5 month they will be at Ukraine, just right before new season (right now is winter, so many children teams awaiting for spring, not many are able play indoor). So in some time I will send you the pictures of those teams with balls and their stories.”Soccer team from Bronnyki village

I am always amazed at peoples commitment to serve their communities. This type of situation is not uncommon, where our partner finds funding in one country (the US) to buy balls from another country (the UK) during the off-season in their country to have their teams & equipment ready for another sports season.

I am grateful I don’t have to work out logistics of buying & shipping soccer balls from the UK to Ukraine.

Thanks to our donors & partners for helping children play.