“If you want to go fast: go alone; if you want to go far: go together.” – African Proverb

A good friend visited recently & we visited church while he was here. This friend works for Ambassadors Football a non-profit soccer organization that organizes very high quality soccer programs & coaching trainings around the world. http://ambassadorsfootball.org

A lady at church spoke about a project in Haiti where some villages had giant humanitarian & development needs such as: school supplies, clean water, electricity, healthcare & sanitation needs, not to mention economic development & farming needs.

My friend & I thought the last thing they need is soccer coaching & soccer balls, but that is what we had to offer. I contacted the lady that spoke at church. She contacted the locals & they were excited about the prospects of high quality soccer coaching & quality sports equipment. Who knew?

A few emails & a few days later & resources were connected with opportunities & relationships were begun.

Sometimes what is essential is not what is necessary to encourage & help. We all have a part to play & a bit to contribute.

At Ball Project our job is to help children play by getting balls to community change makers.