Ball Project made a grant to a partner in Romania in 2011.

Here is our most recent report from her:

There were bought 62 balls until now: footballs:26, basketballs: 17, volleyballs:9 and others small balls for kids: 10.

The balls were used in 4 different places and activities:  in a village area affected by floods in 2010-2011 for kids there, in the school where I work, in the Community Sport Trainings (CST) held in Romania in last 2 years and in the first sport camp for serious players from clubs.

The plan from now on is to buy more basketballs for a new project which starting only this year, one leader after CST wanted to start a regular basis-weekly basketball training with teenagers in his city. Another project which will benefit from giving footballs and volleyballs is in my city where another 2 leaders who were in the trainings (CST) want to start volleyball and football groups for kids and youth.

Many many thanks to Ball Project for helping Romanians kids and youth to play different sports.