Ball Project feedback from near Cape Town South Africa:


I am involved with some coaches form previously disadvantaged areas. The one coach coaches soccer amongst other sports, and the other coach is involved in a community through rugby and netball.

Coach G (Soccer in Cloetesville) sent me the following quotes and photos from his soccer players:

JV: “I could not kick or pass a ball at first, but now with more training I’m well on my way to becoming the soccer player I want to be.”

AC A: “As a keeper you need to train a lot on how to save goals. So the more ball practice I get, the better I can work on keeping a clean sheet with no goals allowed.”

L from Grabouw says that it is wonderful the see the joy that the children have when they play ball outside. They are also trying to emulate the play of the senior players in the rugby and netball teams in their community.

The little kids at the crèche (pre-school) in the community also get to play with the ball during break time and free time.

We would like to thank the donors from the Ball Project for their donation of balls to enrich the lives of these youngsters.

Thank you.


Thanks to our partners, donors & advisers for helping children by helping children play.