This is a recent update from one of our Ball Project partners in South Africa. They supply balls to Devon Valley Primary School.

Devon Valley Primary School Teams

Devon Valley Primary School rugby team


I am from the farmers union and am assisting our head master and head coach with the coaching structures.

Devon Valley Primary is a non paying community school. Our kids do not actively compete against other schools in most of our sports we offer due to our size in numbers and participation.

Our coach is an sport science student with a passion for sport & kids. I have taken the project on to assist with the the structuring and as a direct involvement from the farming community.

The Ball Project assisted us with the sponsoring of balls for our soccer, rugby and netball. From a coaching perspective have this given us the opportunity to broaden our coaching to teaching drills and not only play as we did with the limited equipment.

We practice on Tuesday afternoons between 14:00 and 15:00. Last year we practiced on Thursdays as well.

Devon Valley Sport Project has almost been running for a year. Since we received the balls we have been able to put in greater structure and incorporate more sufficient training drills with an abundance of equipment.

Over this past year the struggle of discipline has improved, where the children started to realize we are serious about training them by bringing proper equipment and teaching them to look after it.

There has been a great improvement in all 3 sports, netball, rugby and soccer. The main things that stands out is the increase of rugby players. We started only with 3-6; we have over 16-20 children participating now. The Netball also had a great improvement: the young ladies are becoming more serious and disciplined and starting to look like a team.

I know we are having a positive effect with what we are doing, the kids are always excited to see us and when I go to visit on non training days they come running asking if they are training today.

With many thanks and a grateful heart.


Thanks to our partners & donors for helping kids by helping kids play.

Devon Valley Primary School Teams

Devon Valley Primary School Teams

Devon Valley Primary School Teams

Devon Valley Primary School netball team