“With one ball you will have 50 kids around you.” – CK – Ball Project partner in Zambia

Here is an update from one of our Ball Project partners in Zambia.


Ball Project supports Just One Ball Project to transform Africa.

We have a team of Honest Boys that do Ball Project. Each boy is given a Ball with conditions on how to buy another Ball. So boys come to practice with a view of multiplying the Ball. So they start micro projects like vegetable gardening, Craft shops, Grocery shops. Out of these micro projects they make money to buy another Ball, pay school fees, buy food for their family and save money in the Bank. It is amazing to see young boys opening Bank Accounts. This is a very big surprise in Africa.

Kennedy raised some money and l escorted him to the bank to open an account. When he came back from the bank he was smiling because he was the first person in his family to open an account.

In this way the Honest Boys learn values of Ownership, Stewardship, Honest, Creative, Responsibilities, Sustainability and Multiplication.

We are incorporating the girls who are Pure girls. They are also doing the same.

If you come with one ball in Zambia, you will be surrounded by 5O KIDS who are malnourished and have no fathers. Through one ball we are developing to start small businesses.


Wow. We continue to be amazed by & grateful for our international partners. Thanks to them & our donors & advisers for helping children by helping children play.