Here is an example from Bangladesh of the kind of work our international Ball Project partners do on an ongoing basis.


In Bangladesh we work with the Government, schools & children, youth & adult programs.

Here in Bangladesh we are working regularly 3 times a week with local schools specially located at village areas where the resources in various aspects are very scarce. We are attending two schools (one for boys and another for girls) each with 40 students and usually we do a tournament every year within the schools we’ve been working during all year.

Last weekend we had a “Friendly” tournament of football for boys at a village area with participation of four schools, and we had a great time with the community. At the end of the tournament we could provide each school 5 footballs and the host school that got 10 footballs. That was possible because of the support grant and resources we got from Ball project.

In every school we go with our program, we provide a training module on basic football for the physical teacher that usually is with us during the trainings sessions with kids.

Thanks a lot for your partnership and support that makes it possible for us to provide these poor village schools to have a basic sport material for their kids to have a time of fun practicing the sport they love, football.

Unfortunately I couldn’t upload some pictures due to our internet connection with very low speed.


We are grateful for our partners & their work to help their communities & their commitment to help children by helping children play.