Everything worth doing is worth doing well. Often everything worth doing takes more time, more effort & more energy than planned.

Sometimes work comes easy but often it is a grind. That is why it is called work.

Todd Henry in his excellent books The Accidental Creative & Die Empty talks about simple & brilliant ways to stay focused on your work & to do your work well. www.accidentalcreative.com

Ball Project’s work is partnerships. Partnerships take time. Ball Project works with people all over the world who live in different time zones, speak different languages & have different histories & cultures. If we focus on these differences relationships can easily breakdown & conflicts can happen.

However, along with our partners, we try to focus on our common goal of helping children by helping children play. Focusing on our common goal allows us to overcome most of the differences that we have.

All of this takes time & work (& lots of patience, grace & communication). But this is time well spent & work worth doing well.

We don’t have to agree on everything. We never will. But we can major on the majors & minor on the minors & ultimately help children play.

I should also point out that Ball Project has fantastic partners & they are doing fantastic work for children around the world.