Steven Pressfield is right. Resistance is trying to kill me.

Whether that Resistance is self-inflicted or technology not cooperating or circumstances conspiring against me, I am being worn out by Resistance. & I am allowing that Resistance to keep me from getting my work done. Which may mean that I’m not doing all I can to help children by helping children play, or at least not as efficiently as I can.

But the game is still afoot. & the fat lady has not yet sung.

Ball Project has amazing partners & I am asking them for some additional help. So that should help keep things on track & me on task. & that should, at least for a while, keep Resistance at bay.

Learn more about the evils of Resistance in Steven Pressfield’s excellent short & readable book The War of Art. & hat tip to Nathan S for recommending it to me.

Thank you & keep up the good work.