Here is a nice update from one of our partners in Chennai India.


Namratha is 22 years old and represents the state of Tamil Nadu in the National Volleyball championships in India.

She lives in Chennai and has completed her Masters studies from a very reputed university in Chennai.

Namratha is a very bright young girl and comes from a broken lower middle class family.

Her story in sports is an inspiration to thousands of young kids with whom she shares her story and her life through volleyball coaching.

A few years ago Namratha came in contact with the LIFE SPORTS ACADEMY volleyball coaching team and began learning basic volleyball skills.  Extremely interested in the sport and passionate to grow her gifting, she became proactive student and slowly engaged herself in helping the coaching staff as an assistant. Years passed by and through her passion, she now is the leading volleyball player and a Volleyball skills & life Skills coach at the  LIFE SPORTS ACADEMY.

Rewind a bit and it will be very easy to point back to the beginnings of the LIFE SPORTS ACADEMY which sustains even today with the huge support of the BALL PROJECT.  The BALL PROJECT provides volleyballs to help kids play sport here in LIFE SPORTS ACADEMY at Chennai. Namratha is clearly a product of the LSA supported by the BALL PROJECT.

Obviously her life has changed dramatically over the years because of her volleyball passion and today she is a leader everywhere. In her university she was a leader, in her team she is a natural leader, at the LSA academy she is a key leader and now she is beginning to emerge as a good leader in the sports and life movement in Chennai India.

For sure 1000’s of kids and youth benefit from the BALL PROJECT every year here in Chennai through different sports initiatives like the Kids Games, Sports teams, Sport academies, Sports camps and Sports outreaches for Whole Life Coaching. Massive impact definitely because of the consistent support of the BALL PROJECT.

We remain so grateful for the BALL PROJECT which has supported the work of LSA over the years and look forward to many many more years of fruitful partnership as we build people and lives towards a better world….

This is just one inspirational story among the hundreds of stories…. Rejoice together..



We are grateful for our fantastic partners on the ground around the world changing lives by helping children by helping children play.