A friend in Sierra Leone recently sent a heartbreaking update about his work & the situation in Sierra Leone regarding the ebola crisis. He asks for prayers for the victims & families & countries & health care workers.

A wise & practical friend here in the USA asked what we could do to help with the ebola crisis in West Africa.

I contacted Mark Moore, a friend & founder of Mana Nutrition (www.mananutrition.org). To over-simplify things, Mana makes supercharged nutrient-rich peanut butter that can bring starving people back from the brink of death.

Mana is working with Mercy Ships & Convoy of Hope to get food packets to Liberia & Sierra Leone in West Africa.

As we all know, if people don’t have food (particularly of the safe & healthy kind) lots of good can’t happen & lots of bad can.

This is obviously not a perfect solution but it is something we can do & part of a solution.

If you want you can contribute directly to Mana or send a check to:

MANA Nutritive Aid Products
PO Box 763
Matthews, NC 28106

In the memo line/comment line put, “West Africa – Ebola”.


We currently have ~$12,000 committed to Mana for West Africa.

Previously Mana & Ball Project partnered together in Jinja Uganda on a soccer project.