I have a friend in California named Joey.

I met Joey through his fantastic work with Earbits. Joey & one of his friends founded Earbits which is a free online music platform. Earbits is a great place to find & support new & independent musicians.

Joey is an inspiration to me for many reasons. He is smart, hard working, fun, creative & friendly.

Better yet, Joey is encouraging, brave & a great communicator.

So far Joey sounds like Superman. He isn’t. He’s human.

Joey felt like he was an underachiever. He started a website www.Joey20.com to document trying to change that.

Like www.WhereIsMyCEO.com, I have found Joey 2.o to be full of valuable life lessons & practical ideas to improve my life in simple, effective ways.

Check it out.

& like with most things in life, take what is good & disregard the rest.

& thanks Joey. Keep fighting the good fight. You are winning. You are helping other people win.