Ball Project, more or less, started from 2 simple ideas:
1. If children play together they are much less likely to fight each other when they grow up.
2. If you have a ball you can change a child, a life, a village & more, simply by bringing people together & playing.

I frequently have a hard time coming up with amazing updates for the Ball Project website. I put a lot of pressure on myself to only produce excellent work, & that is good. However that pressure frequently produces an unproductive paralysis where nothing is produced.

Ball Project doesn’t need to have the most amazing updates & the fanciest website. Our partners do amazing work everyday of the year all around the world helping children by helping children play. I try not to pester our partners to constantly send us photos & stories & reports because they should be playing & serving in their communities.

Imagine if Ball Project’s amazing partners waited until they had professional equipment & training & facilities before they actually played with the children in their communities. Nothing would happen. Our partners do amazing things everyday in refugee camps, orphanages, schools, beaches & fields all over the world with just a few balls.

They simply do what they can with what they have.

I need to get over my self-imposed pressure for perfection & just do something. Show my work. So I’ll be working on that. & this update is simply an example of my 1st attempt.