Several years ago in Africa Ball Project trained a group on how to build effective partnerships. Part of that partnership training was to give each training participant $20 & a soccer ball so that they could go home & start a small project & partnership.

Ball Project recently made a grant to one the participants from that training from Vietnam.

In response, our friend & partner in Vietnam shared a story about how they implemented Ball Project in their own fashion at their trainings.


Thank you so much for this gift. Your Ball Project is truly a great project.

In Vietnam, 2010, L-one of our coaches was given a ball after a training with Sports Friends’ team. He went back to start a team of children in his village, gather them to play in his own garden every afternoon. He applied what he learned from our training, teaching the kids and developing their character. Few months later, the ball was broken. However, his home (located on a highland area) is too far from the city and he also could not afford to buy a new ball, so L decided to cut the ball, put banana leaves in and glue it back. The kids still played with that banana leaves’ ball another few months until he went to one of our regional leader meeting (L shared his story and P, one of our leaders gave him another new ball).

We very much appreciated your special gifts.


Ball Project is grateful for our partners around the world working to serve their communities & to help children by helping children play.