We have received enough messages asking about our safety & whereabouts so here is a quick update.

We are safe & home from our trip to India, Nepal, Malaysia & Singapore visiting Ball Project partners & other projects & friends.

1 week ago we left Kathmandu Nepal for Malaysia. Yesterday a major earthquake hit Nepal & leveled quite a bit of Kathmandu. a massive 7.8 magnitude earthquake has hit Nepal Over 2,000 people died in the tragedy. I am attaching an update from one of our Ball Project partners in Nepal.

We are waiting to hear the status & situation from some of our other partners in Nepal.

& at the bottom are a couple of places where you can make a donation for disaster relief efforts if you would like.

Thanks for your concern, keep praying & keep up the good work.


From one of our friends & Ball Project partners in Kathmandu:

Dear brother, thank you for your prayer. Till now, I have not heard any critical news among CSF team . In general , the country is suffering really bad. Lalitpur, the city where I live, only 73 people died till now and thousands injured.

My elder brother R broke his leg when jumped out from the terrace of office building at the factory. He is in the hospital right now. All my family are fine.

7.8 major earth quake this morning. Many more disaster news are coming from many places of the country.

Please keep continue praying for the our beloved nation’s many families who lost their lives.


Ball Project partner ServLife has several children’s homes around Kathmandu. The children & staff are safe but there was lots of damage. https://servlife.org/earthquake/


Another group we met with in Kathmandu was Cloud Factory, http://www.cloudfactory.com/home  / a software company. Cloud Factory is working on raising funds for their employees, their families & their communities that have been impacted by the earthquake. http://www.gofundme.com/cfnepalrelief