I constantly seem to be juggling too many things.

There seems to be too much to do & too little time between planning Ball Project grants, working with partners & potential partners to get projects planned, updating the website & social media, reporting to advisors & donors, getting reports from partners, encouraging & communicating with partners & then other projects altogether & life in general.

I realize that every small non-profit & small organization & individual & family has similar challenges. This certainly is nothing new or unique. & I am not complaining.

I do not know anyone that is actually good at multitasking.

I have found the thing that keeps movement & progress happening is simply doing the thing that is in front of me. I get the most accomplished by making a list & then simply doing one thing at a time & then doing the next thing & continuing through my list.

1. Make a list.

2. Do thing on the list.

3. Check thing off the list.

4. Repeat until nothing remains on the list.

I also realize that most people already know this. Sometimes it is nice to be reminded of what we already know.

Also, for the record, I am only good at juggling 3 things, preferably balls something like this one pictured below.

Rag Ball

Example of a rag ball used by millions of kids around the world.