Here is an update from one of our partners in Bangladesh:

“We have programs at local government and schools communities with football and volleyball training. The training happens three days a week for two hours during four months, with attendance of 40 students each program. Usually we run two programs, one with boys(football) and other with girls(volleyball) and at the end of the year we have a tournament among the schools we’ve had the programs.

One day of training we were surprised with a visit of a mother of twin students in our program. She came to thanks us for the work we were doing with the children but in particular with a situation with her kids.

She said…”I want to thank you for given the chance to my children to participate on your program. They have change their behavior on a very good way that I’m so pleased. Before they didn’t study well. Always were complaints from the school teachers because their bad behavior at the school and even at home they always caused problems with neighbors and for me was a shame BUT after they started to come and training with you they said the coaches always talk with them to well behavior at school with teachers, also at home with mom, daddy and brother and sister. So they have change so much that now I’m proud of them. Thanks so much!””

Ball Project balls at work in Bangladesh

Ball Project balls at work in Bangladesh

Ball Project is very grateful for our amazing partners & supporters for helping children by helping children play.