Here is an update from one of our Ball Project partners in Chad in central North Africa working with teams & coaches:

I am a Soccer Coach, currently working in Chad. I am working with two youths groups aged 13-20 years in two different parts of our town: 34 and 21 youths respectively. I meet twice per week with each team.

I also facilitate trainings for coaches and community leaders each year. I work with teams and coaches and my role is to source training equipment like balls, nets and other materials that will enable them to do the work. This equipment will help us as we are also training coaches and players alike to use the sports in transforming their communities.

I chose Sport because I love it and it is the easiest way to build relationships with the youths. My coaching is presented in a way that develops their character which in their current youth culture it’s mostly violent, rude, and disobedient. We want to see a transformed generation youths that will be able to take on the task of reproducing other young disciplined youths.

Our vision is to see the youths and sportsmen being served, mentored, equipped and developed into future leaders in their domain by developing their talents and character through sports.

Soccer team in Chad, Africa with Ball Project balls

Soccer team in Chad, Africa with Ball Project balls

Why Youth Sports? Soccer in Africa is a BIG THING and in Chad this game is almost worshipped. Many young people’s dream here is to become one of those celebrities that they see on Football sports channels. With a soccer ball it is easy to build relationships with youths within a short time even if they didn’t previously know you. Youths are the second group that is neglected in this town and region of the country and many have resorted to drugs, which are easily purchased on the street at a very cheap price. Many children roam the street begging and doing nothing in particular. Prostitution is rising among the young people. Having a ball will help to transform their lives.

We are always grateful for our dedicated partners working in their communities to help children by helping children play.