I have a week of meetings with lots of Ball Project partners from around the world.

Partnerships are just doing something together that comes out of relationships plus trust.

Relationships are based on length of time knowing someone plus shared experiences plus communication. Relationships = Time + Experiences + Communication (at least that is how I think about it).

Face to face time is always incredibly helpful to continue working & communicating effectively together.

I can’t work with someone I don’t trust.

It is hard to work over a long distance & long time period if you can’t effectively communicate with them.

So I am always grateful for face to face time either hosting partners where I live or visiting them where they live or even meeting someplace in-between. I like to see where people live & work & know their friends & family. I like for people to see where I live & work & know my friends & family. Those kind of shared experiences build trust & understanding which allows for better communication & stronger relationships & ultimately better partnerships.

& if we have better partnerships then ultimately we get more done, which in this case means that we help children by helping children play.