Here is a fun update from the small town of Rosendal in South Africa, not too far from the Lesotho border:

We had a real treat this morning to go and deliver some Ball Project equipment to our friends in Rosendal.  J, our friend, is doing some fantastic work in the community and what a privilege for us to be the delivery people this morning.  They run a kindergarten as well and we got to pose with some of the kids from the kindergarten in the picture.  The bigger kids, (that they help provide meals for, and have a homework help station for) will also make use of the equipment were still at school.  The balls will probably be worn out by the time you visit us.  

New balls for Rosendal, South Africa 2016Thus we are thinking that when you come to visit we can stop and maybe deliver some more balls and a volleyball net and balls that they could use.

Thank you for allowing us to help kids play.

Keep up the good work!