My friend Gary’s mom is famous (at least famous in my mind) for saying, “Slow & easy wins the race.”

I definitely find that saying to be true & helpful in my life.

If I hurry or allow myself to be rushed, I tend to regret it. I make more bad decisions. I respond out of emotion & out of proportion to problems &/or frustrations. If I try to do too many things at 1 time, I lack focus & I do shoddy work.

All that to say, here at Ball Project, work is happening but things take longer than hoped. That’s OK; there will always be more work.

New soccer balls = happy kids in Bangladesh

New soccer balls = happy kids in Bangladesh

Working with partners around the world requires lots of patience & communication on everyone’s part as we deal with different languages, time zones, cultures & expectations. That’s OK, in fact, that’s great. We are in a marathon, not a sprint & slow & easy wins the race.

Starting a project or a team may well take longer than anticipated. For goodness sake, it took 10 years of traveling around the world & witnessing the need for balls before the idea for Ball Project crystallized & the opportunity to help kids play became a reality.

Anything worth doing is worth doing well. Doing something well takes time.

Focus Helps Results is one of my mantras, & for me it is true. If I want good results, I need to focus.

Because ultimately slow & easy wins the race.