Ball Project is fortunate to work with partners all over the world, from some of the biggest & most populated cities & countries in Asia to some of the smallest & most thinly populated islands in the South Pacific.

One of the keys to partnering is effective communication. Obviously, if you cannot communicate with someone in a clear & effective manner it is really challenging to trust someone or build a relationship with someone or work on a project with someone.

Because we work with people & projects all over the world, communication can be a challenge. Different time zones, languages, cultures & technology all add to the complexity.

At the moment, I am having technology challenges which is slowing down how much I can get done. Oh well. Technology is great when it works. & there will always be more work. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

In the meantime, we are grateful for our partners around the world working faithfully to help their communities & help kids play.