Ugandan Huddle

Team Huddle – Uganda

A friend & Ball Project partner that I consider to be among the best at networking, partnering & fundraising recently asked me for my best practices on networking.

I am sure there are more best practices, but I will leave that to the experts.

Nothing but the basics:

4 Keys for Networking:

  • Be curious
  • Ask questions
  • Listen
  • Connect dots

Each of these things individually are valuable.

Combined they create synergy by building relationships, allowing people to think for themselves & express themselves, modeling & creating effective communication, & allowing for the possibility of real learning, connections & opportunities to be explored.

Ball Project is fortunate to work with Cape Town to Cairo & Indianapolis to India. These 4 keys for networking have kept us communicating, learning & working effectively.

&, obviously, Ball Project is grateful for all of our partners around the world who are committed to their communities & to help kids play.