Priority highest or higher in importance, rank privilgege

Not everything can be our top priority.

Take the time to prioritize your work, your life, your time.

When I fail to prioritize I am often overwhelmed & stuck with all of the tasks to be done & commitments & obligations on my time.

For a couple days this week I was stuck & did not make the progress I wanted on projects.

“Being able to do something well is one of life’s great joys.”

— Frank Tyger

Prioritizing allows me to put 1st things 1st & make sure that the good does not get in the way of the best.

One of my mantras is “Focus helps results.” Doing one thing at a time allows me to focus & do good work.

Todd Henry says To Be Brilliant, Engage in Deep Work.

A young boy in Mozambique shows off his plastic bag ball.

A young boy in Mozambique shows off his plastic bag ball. Most kids in developing nations use balls like this.

Life is full of distractions, some good, some not so good. For me, focus does help results. & part of the process of focusing is organizing the clutter, projects, tasks, needs, wants & commitments in my head on paper. Making a list of everything I need to do takes a lot of my stress away. Crossing things off my list makes me feel good & motivates me to keep going. But only by prioritizing my list can I really focus & get anything done.

Some people recommend starting with the most important tasks on the list to be sure that we are really working on the most important things. Some people recommend starting with a couple easy tasks to get momentum before we tackle our most important work. I don’t know the answer. Everyone is different. Try both ways. Either way, not everything can be our priority, so make a list of everything you need to do & then prioritize.

When I think about all that the Ball Project partners accomplish around the world teaching kids life skills & sports skills & building community & teams – I am amazed at how much focus, commitment & organization they have to help kids by helping kids play.