Here is an encouraging update from one of our partners in Ukraine:

Football Academy of Standard relaunched in october 2016. During 2016 we had only U12-13 team, with 17 players. Since October 2016 we have 4 more teams. Now we have U4-5, U6-7, U8-9, U10-11 with 12-14 players in each group and of course U12-13.

During the summer we had John Wooden study “Pyramid of success” with our U12-13 players. Here is some feedback from mother of one player: “Hi! I would like to say thanks for recommending the Football Club Standard for my son. My boy is delighted with the practices and the life skills lessons. During the whole summer my son went to Rivne 5 times per week, spending 2 hours traveling. I would not say that my son was a problem child. But now he is totally different. He is calm, confident, organized, doing school homework very quickly. He is very worried about his school assessment as coaches said that players with bad school grades won’t be allowed participate in competitions. His teachers in the school are asking – “What did you do with this boy during this summer? He is totally different person. He has become one of the best in the class as a human being and a good pupil.” Thank you very much!”

It is great to hear such feedback from parents.

We are thankful to Ball Project for partnership during last few years!

What a fantastic story of transformation & the power of play!

John Wooden said, “Success is peace of mind, which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you made the effort to become the best of which you are capable.”

Indiana’s own John Wooden was an amazing coach & amazing person.

Ball Project is grateful for our partners around the world having success by working hard to help children play.