Here is an encouraging update from one of our partners in Malawi in Africa:

Thank you so much for your generous gift to Sports Friends Malawi!

This week, we were able to purchase the balls and have begun the distribution process to our 9 teams in the city of Blantyre.

Malawi SF 2017_blantyre_sports_ministry_team_in_bangwe

We will be able to give 1 ball to each netball and soccer coach who attends our Ongoing Training next month from April 12-16 in the eastern region of Malawi.  There will 65 people coming to this ongoing training and we can’t wait to see the look on their faces when they get a brand new ball. Several of these coaches have not had a ball for many months but have still managed to work effectively by just using local materials and plastic to make balls. But this will certainly be a massive boost to them and their teams.

This is one of the poorest areas in the world. Despite the extreme poverty, many of our trained coaches are working hard and are mentoring the youth on their teams.

Malawi SF, 2017great_photo_of_a_village_ball

Thank you! We are deeply grateful for your hard work to make these encouraging gifts possible! Keep up the good work.

Malawi SF 2017 eastern_region_ebcm_group_photo

Ball Project is grateful to all of our partners around the world, working hard to help children play.