This is a encouraging update from one of our partners in Togo that had a tragic accident last year.

For more than 10 years The Amis du Monde football (Soccer) club in Lome, Togo has given girls at opportunity to play football. It is a Christian based club and participation allows the girls to develop, physically, socially and spiritually. In a country where AIDS is a problem, football gives the girls a positive social activity.

The club provides training, coaching and enables the girls to play matches in local and national competitions. Balls are expensive in Togo and don’t last long on the rough fields – often without grass – where they practice and play. The support of the Ball Project over the years has been a Godsend.

In March 2018 the team was involved in a serious bus crash in which the driver was killed and others were seriously injured. The bus then caught fire destroying all their footballs. With the help of the Ball Project they have now been able to replace the 20 balls which were destroyed.

Ball Project is grateful for our partners working around the world to help children play & overcome accidents & tragedies that hit us all at one point or another.