Here is an encouraging update from one of our partners in Mexico:

Ambassadors Football Mexico is part of Ambassadors Football International. We use the sport of football to impact the lives of kids and adults, from recreational to amateur to professional level, male and female. Our tag line is FOOTBALL, FAITH, FUTURE. So, we do our football programs with excellence, we share values in our programs and we look to have an impact in the lives of our participants that will give them a better future through health or education.

Ambassadors Mexico 2018 team picture

We currently run 4 weekly programs: CLUB – which is our strongest program in which we provide a service to the community with excellence to develop football players that would make a difference on and off the pitch. Our hope is to help the players get college scholarships through football to have a better future. COMMUNITY – we partner with local organizations in underprivileged communities to provide football clinics and values teachings. At the moment we run two community programs in two different areas in the city of Puebla. RETAS (Kick-about) – Every Saturday we run an open field kick-about in which we organize the teams, play 7-a-side matches for an hour and then share a message at the end. This programs helps us build relationships with the players over time and help them in their personal life. SCHOOLS – we partner with a school to run their sports program, teaching different sports and sharing faith values to them through out the school year.

These four weekly programs have a direct impact to around 200 people. We understand that when working with kids we also are impacting their parents.


A parent from our club recently brought a 15 year old kid from his neighborhood whom had left his school and parents to go to Mexico City to seek employment to help his family’s situation. When the parent found out about the child’s situation he immediately contact him and brought him to us to see if we could help him because the parent believes in what we do for the kids that goes beyond the football pitch. The child is a good footballer, with talent, and a great kid. We offered him a full scholarship at the club with the condition that he needed to get back in school and have good grades. The parent and us as a Club have funded his schooling. He still works nights to help financially at home, but now he is in school, trains football and works instead of working part time and getting involved with the wrong people on the streets. We hope that he can remain in school, train with us and eventually help him get an athletic scholarship at a local university. Education is very important for us, therefore we ask for our players to finish school well and discipline themselves in sports to achieve more in life.

We are blessed to have received your donations which has allowed us to work with more kids in our club and communities.

Ball Project is grateful for partners, like Ambassadors, on the ground around the world impacting communities & lives & helping children play.