We have many wonderful partners in Moldova. Here is an encouraging update from one of them.

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The coaches of our club continue sharing the values through sport to various ages and social groups of Moldova. Also over the years, camps have become a very important element of sports development work. Here we have the opportunity to separate children and adolescents from their gadgets, from social networks and literally live with them for several days, show them our values and priorities in practice. Because we always present these camps as sports ones, in the program of the day we have 2 trainings. But most importantly, we spend a lot of time studying the values and communicating. And many guys in the camps begin to live with true purpose.

N is the son of a community leader. It was the volleyball camp that became a turning point for him in understanding the true meaning of life. It was there, during values lessons, that he began to think more and more seriously about his life and legacy. In one of his SMS, he wrote: “I was taught to pray in the morning, evening and on Sundays, but I did not love people, and I did not see much bad in myself. I was cruel and vengeful, there were other bad qualities in me. But you showed me the right way of life, I started to change. ”
For a long period of time, N has come from a neighboring town, to Chisinau, to our church. He has to do this secretly from his father, who, apparently, only realizes what unusual trainers his son has. N wants to commit to a life of integrity.

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Ball Project’s help and support in acquiring equipment is VERY important for us. Thanks to you, we can provide all our teams with the necessary number of balls and equipment. All of this material base tends to deteriorate constantly and requires updating. Thank you for your service. We really hope to continue cooperation.

Ball Project is constantly amazed & encouraged by our partners around the world working hard to help kids play!