The mission of Ball Project is to help children play. For well over a decade Ball Project has been helping coaches & community leaders around the world buy sports equipment to positively impact their communities through coaching & mentoring young people.

Angola Soccer clinic

Here is an update on Covid-19 in Angola, as well as an encouraging letter that one of our partners in Angola received from one of the young people that they had mentored & coached:

Considering the real situation of COVID-19, we have all sports activities stopped, I was only able to make a few visits to some children who needed encouragement. Taking advantage of this break on sports, I am taking the opportunity to produce cabbages and tomatoes for food after games for the post-COVID-19 season.

The best thing that happened in my entire life was the first time I received a letter and transcribed some excerpts below: “Mano (mean big brother) G, Good morning, good afternoon or good night … according to the time you read this message. Mano I’m AF, today I send this message to you my oldest brother Mano, Thank you very much and I praise God for your presence … now I´m 26 years old studying music, and always taking all your wisdom and teachings, to make us live the good and wise way in real life since childhood, otherwise I wouldn’t be who I am, let me say you are an angel on earth, without exaggeration , we know humans always have our faults (which is normal and makes human beings) I am a good man, a good citizen all through your family base and support. I love you and I carry you forever in my heart … hugs. AF

What a wonderful story of the impact that a coach can have on a young person.

Ball Project is thankful for our partners in Angola & around the world working hard to build their communities, coach & mentor young people & help children play.