Here is an encouraging update from one of our partners in Liberia:

Thank you again for the help in purchasing sports equipment for our Liberia program. Using the Ball Project grant from two years ago, we have been able to purchase dozens of balls, nets, pumps, paddles, etc. for the Samuel Morris Center in Greenville. Here are a couple photos of our playing fields. We have 30 acres and it is becoming the “place to be” for youth in the community.

The annual Samuel Morris county-wide sports tournament is coming up. IEI sponsors and runs the tournament. We have a junior high division and a senior high division with up to 20 schools participating. Boys play soccer and girls play kickball. We rent the local soccer stadium, a nice arena just outside of town. The trophies we bring from the U.S. are highly coveted. Over a thousand students and spectators will pack out the stands. This is the highlight of the year for many of these kids.

Ball Project is thankful for our partners working faithfully around the world to help children play!