This is an update on just one location. We formed the Academy with two more friends called JVG, which are the initials of our names. We are working with more than 250 children and young people from 10 to 20 years old, I must say that most of the boys who are 20 years old started with us when they were 15 years old.

We are now forming a women’s soccer team and also pioneering dodge ball in the country in partnership with some schools.

The boys are divided into groups and each group trains two days and one leadership training day.
We are committed to coach coaches and today we have 20 coaches participating in coaching workshops.

There are many stories for now I will tell only one: This is about the bravery of a 17-year-old boy who had the courage to share the pressure he lives under. He lives with his older brother because his parents cannot afford it. After much time and training, he said that his brother doesn’t let him go to church because he classifies the church as a financial company and the condition that the older brother put on the table is if he wants to continue living with him is not going to any church.

We are based in an area where people are hungry, many of our children only have one meal and some cannot complete the games because they do not eat well.
Our challenge has always been soccer balls due to the bare fields we use, at most a ball has a lifetime of one month.

Ball Project is thankful for our partners working faithfully around the world encouraging & training young leaders & working to help children play.