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My “if not now, when?” moment for Ball Project came after reading Jason Fried’s book REWORK.

2 years ago, I was fortunate enough to spend half a day with Jason & a group of guys in Chicago, so I thought I should read his book.

REWORK got me motivated to take charge of my time & ideas about the very real & very simple opportunities to use balls to help children play.

I also know that REWORK radically changed my friend & Ball Project Nigeria partner’s way of thinking about organizational structures & getting things done.

Ball Project now has international partners in over 20 countries & we are making monthly grants.

Our simple goal is to get balls to community leaders around the world to help children play & reach their full potential.

A decent soccer ball costs about $20. Changing a child’s life can start with a ball.

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The very nice & clever crew at asked Ball Project what song I have played the most on iTunes. Here at Ball Project World HQ, music is almost always in the air.

I like the question but was a bit afraid to find out the answer. I listen to a lot of music & a lot of the same music over & over again. Apparently my most played songs are “Happiness” by The Blue Nile, closely followed by “Where does the time go” by The Innocence Mission.

I kind of like that. The Blue Nile is a wonderful band & “Happiness” is an inspiring song & I need more of that. The Innocence Mission is another wonderful band making quiet, simple, joyful songs. “Where does the time go” is a great song that asks a question that I too often ask myself.

I need more focus & listening to thoughtful good music keeps me encouraged & on task.

So thanks Formspring & thanks to The Blue Nile & The Innocence Mission.

&, of course, thanks for reading & thanks for helping children play.

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For more Ball Project approved music:

3 Management Lessons:
1. Over communication is better than no communication
2. A carrot beats a stick as a motivator almost every time
3. One step leads to another which can take you down the path to success

If I commit to these 3 things, my life & my effectiveness greatly improves.

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Help children play

“Give me a ball and I’ll have a thousand kids chasing after it.” –Solomon, Kenya

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