I want to share about my friend M.

M is 21 years old. He married last year. When the war started he evacuated to the town west of Ukraine where his wife’s parents live.

He is a great coach for kids and he decided that he will continue to serve kids. Through the Ball Project, we were able to help with equipment for the start of the club. He mobilized people in the local church and they together painted a fence of a field and goals.
It became a nice place for the football club.

They announced starting a club and 50 kids came to the first practice. They started in 3 age group, in a week when it was 70 kids they start to work in 4 age groups.

Many even local kids started to come to M’s practices and many parents were saying that they have never seen this kind of quality in practices.

M continues to work with kids in his home town KP and during the summer he was able to do ongoing practices and he did 2 camps for his players.

It is good that their club Peremoha (Victory) is connected with local church and some people have more awareness about church now.

Thank you for support.

Ball Project is thankful for our partners in Ukraine & around the world working faithfully to build communities & help children play.

Prochorus Cycling is busy and doing well. We took 8 of our older boys to a bicycle mechanic workshop. They learnt some basic skills in bicycle mechanics and had lots of practice during the day. The boys are also proud to receive a certificate for the completion of the course.

Five buys had the opportunity to attend a youth camp with a local church youth ministry, and they had an absolute ball. The impact of the camp could clearly be seen after the camp. The boys have more confidence in spiritual things and ask a lot more questions about Christianity, which provides the opportunity for leaders to teach and help them understand things better.

We had a fairly favourable winter for cycling in Stellenbosch this year. Although one of the events we attended turned into a complete mud bath. That’s all part of the fun and adventure. The Western Province Schools league had great weather during their events, and we had over twenty of our children partaking in this year’s league. It’s always great to see how much the children are encouraged in their cycling when they have the opportunity to test their fitness and skills against others their age while fun is the main focus. One of the small girls couldn’t stop asking when the next event would be.

Even though performance and podium positions are not our main goals, we make room for those who like to compete and enjoy developing their physical talents. Two of our older riders have been selected to join an elite racing team as part of their squad to compete in the three-day Wine to Whales race in early November. One of our old beneficiaries is already a permanent member of this team, and he has won many local and national events following his dream of becoming a professional cyclist. The Wine to Whales Exxaro Category (for development riders) has been won by him previously. Our two riders finished the event strongly and had a great experience on the stage racing scene.

The mentoring sessions have been going very well. We’re currently working through a One Hope resource called Book of Hope. Topics like sexuality are very relevant to them and open up great discussions for impartation to happen where it’s much needed.

Help children play

“Give me a ball and I’ll have a thousand kids chasing after it.” –Solomon, Kenya

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