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Lily has been coming to girls football since we held an after school club at her school in 2018. She is now 8 years old and loves football. She attends every event we host and our weekly activities. Her family do not attend church but are very happy about the confidence she has developed and friendships she has made.

Ball Project is thankful for our partners, like Ambassadors Football, working faithfully to build communities & help children, like Lily, play.

Since the beginning of the year we have been training churches in Community Football Outreach. We hosted eight training events on zoom, resulting 3 churches starting football programs since January 2022. Three more are starting in the next few weeks. Some of these are in low income communities in England.

At the same time we hosted the Children’s London Churches Football Tournament (LCFT) last Saturday (May 14th). 23 churches sent teams. 43 New Testaments were given away, mainly to children who did not attend church.

We have started to develop a specific work for women’s football. Just before Easter we hosted a football tournament for girls aged 7-11. 38 girls took part, of whom 30 did not attend church. They heard the ‘hot seat’ interview with a local pastor and all the feedback we received was positive about attending another tournament later in the summer and a camp in Lancaster.

Over the summer we will host more camps than ever before – across Great Britain. Ball Project equipment and balls will be used at all these camps. This follows two years where there was a lot of disruption due to the restrictions associated with Covid-19.

Weekly activities continue in London, Lancaster, Morecambe, Glasgow and Manchester.

Ball Project is thankful for our partners, like Ambassadors Football, working faithfully to build communities & help children play.

Ambassadors Football Rwanda partners with the 50 schools in Rwanda. Every Saturday, more than 100 children, boys and girls meet to play football and be mentored and learn. Since 2017, the program has impacted many lives of the children. More than 200 children have made major decisions that impact their lives and more than 150 children were reintegrated back to school. We always say, “When we have balls, we have hope, and when we have hope, we have the opportunity to share with the children.”

Yes, we would like to thank you for the 131 balls that we were able to resume the work in 15 communities that helped us to reach out more than 1,500 children. With the balls that we bought , the children were able to go back to the football fields after such long time due to Covid-19. We are still having the issue of balls for more than 35 communities to resume our work fully, and each community would like to have at least 10 balls. Thank you again for your generous gift.

Ball Project is thankful for our partners working faithfully to build communities & help children play.

Help children play

“Give me a ball and I’ll have a thousand kids chasing after it.” –Solomon, Kenya

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