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Here is a short update from one of our Ball Project partners in Buenos Aires, Argentina:

“With the grant money we received we were able to buy 9 new balls, 2 volleyballs, 1 outdoor soccer ball, 4 regular indoor soccer balls, and 2 smaller indoor soccer balls for the smaller kids. This is great for us last night when I brought the balls out the kids were very excited and I think this will give us more creditability with the kids as we move forward as well.

We run soccer four nights a week and the balls we did have were very old and had holes in them, now we have new balls that will last several more years so our programs can last longer. We also have new volleyballs so we can expand out program as well in the future.

Thank you so much for you help in what God is doing here in Buenos Aires.”

New Ball Project balls in Buenos Aires, Argentina

New Ball Project balls in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Ball Project is very grateful for our amazing partners & supporters for helping children by helping children play.

We are back home again in Indiana after 2 weeks in Namibia & South Africa.

It was a great trip meeting with existing & potential partners.

These trips are always exhausting but encouraging. & I’m grateful that I get to go on them.

We spent 2 days training at an international sports leadership school & a community transformation school on how to be effective at partnering.

We met with old friends & long time partners from Fiji, Egypt, Singapore, South Africa & Malaysia. I think we even turned a couple of old friends into new Ball Project partners.

Lots of opportunities, lots of work, lots of friends, lots of partners….

We may get the opportunity to partner with an ultimate Frisbee league in Cape Town & with a group that works with deaf students in South Africa.

Relationships are the foundation of a good partnership. Face to face time with friends & partners in their homes & offices is a key to keeping relationships & therefore partnerships strong.

I am grateful for our amazing partners, advisors & donors who work so hard to help children by helping children play.

Here is a short update from a Ball Project partner in Montevideo, Uruguay:

“We are a team in Shangrila (Montevideo) that helps the community in various ways, such as painting, cutting grass, among many other things. This year we are starting an activity with children and adolescents to enjoy a time of taking part in sports (namely soccer) and to learn through these sports, playing with the balls and doing exercises. As well as times like these, playing soccer and building community, this time helps to keep the kids off the streets and therefore away from the lure of getting involved in drugs, alcohol, etc.”

Ball Project is very grateful for our amazing partners & supporters for helping children by helping children play.

Help children play

“Give me a ball and I’ll have a thousand kids chasing after it.” –Solomon, Kenya

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