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I am home from a great week of meetings with partners from around the world.

Lots of updates, lots of conversations, lots of Five Guys, lots of Starbucks. I am always amazed by the universality of coffee culture, even though I only drink tea. But as I always say, you can’t spell TEAM without TEA.

I left the time encouraged by the exciting projects our Ball Project partners are developing in Romania, South Africa, Kenya, Bangladesh, India, Niger & beyond.

Our key partners in Guatemala are working to take the photography & life skills program The Viewfinder Project into juvenile detention centers & old age homes.

One of our key partners in Nigeria is building relationships & new partnerships by lending out books like Jason Fried & David Heinemeier Hansson’s “Rework” & Todd Henry‘s “Die Empty.”

A key partner in Uganda is bringing solar power to homes, schools, health clinics & churches in remote villages that do not have electricity.

Key partners in Dominica & Jamaica are working with a bankrupt sport manufacturing company to buy high quality soccer balls at a steep discount to empower youth sports programs in the Caribbean.

I am also working on connecting some Caribbean partners together in Haiti later this year.

As usual, I am grateful for & inspired by our amazing partners working diligently & creatively to help children by helping children play.

Future footballers in South Africa

Future footballers in South Africa

After 2 weeks of Ball Project visits in Asia, I am in Florida for a week of meetings with Ball Project partners from Uganda, Jamaica, Nepal, India, South Africa, Bangladesh, Guatemala, Dominica, Romania, Niger, Nigeria, Mozambique, Kenya & beyond.

Ball Project is a resource partner with funding for balls (obviously) & essential equipment such as goals, nets, pumps & so forth. We also do our best to connect our partners with coaching & programming experts to help them accomplish their goals in the communities where they work.

Partnerships are simply two or more people or groups working together as a team to accomplish a common vision or goal. Partnerships of this sort are working relationships. Relationships are built over time on trust, communication & shared experiences.

Face to face time is always special. Hearing project & personal updates & learning more about what is working & what isn’t working helps all of us to stay focused & productive. Sometimes we talk about projects; sometimes we talk about sports or family. The important thing is simply talking & listening & getting to know each other better so that we have a better understanding of each other & open lines of communication & growing trust.

For Ball Project & our partners the common goal is to help children by helping children play.

Ball Project is very grateful for our wonderful partners working in challenging situations, usually underfunded & under-resourced simply investing in the children & young people in their communities.

Girl in Chennai India with a soccer ball

Girl in Chennai India with a soccer ball

Here is an update from one of our partners in Nepal. They also help serve as a great resource for our partners in Bangladesh and Bhutan.


Kids in Nepal playing soccer

Kids in Nepal playing soccer

On behalf of our team in Nepal, I would sincerely like to thank you for the partnership you have provided for our team. Previously, your support had opened many new opportunities for our young children as well as help developed their sports skills and character. Your contribution had enabled many children and youths to participate in many distinguished tournaments, leadership seminars and training, and these events had broaden their discipline and character on and off the field, which is invaluable to their future endeavors. Besides, your contribution was also used to purchase soccer balls and organizing soccer training for the children of rural area and unprivileged children of Nepal.

Our leadership committee has extended a heart-felt thank you for your contribution and commitment for our Sports Complex. As we continue to grow as a sports organization your partnership and counsel are vital for us and for Nepal. As you are aware we are growing day by day and have been doing lots of sports events and trainings like Football (soccer) training, Basketball training, Major Sports Events, leadership trainings, counseling, sports material publication and many more. It has served different churches, communities, schools, colleges, local clubs, organizations and many other sports council in national and international level.

Ball Project soccer goal in Nepal in action

Ball Project soccer goal in Nepal in action


As always we are very grateful to be able to do our small part. & as always, we are grateful for our amazing partners in every corner of the world helping kids by helping kids play.

Help children play

“Give me a ball and I’ll have a thousand kids chasing after it.” –Solomon, Kenya

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