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Here is a short update from one of our partners in Chennai, South India:

volleyball clinic


Serving 50 young boys in schools. helping them with professional cricket coaching and life values.


A central academy that is formed picking players from marginalized communities and giving them the opportunity to develop in sport and in values. Close to 80 young boys from different parts of Chennai benefit from special coaching, equipment and opportunities.


volleyball clinic 3

A young group of professional players that were picked from different schools that we coach were able to represent our district and province. Also, a team from our organization represented the state championships in Beach Volleyball.

volleyball clinic 3


Coaching at 4 schools for kids who are amateurs.

Basketball is new for this partner, so it is great to see new & more programs being developed.

Ball Project is thankful for all of our partners working in communities around the world to help children play.

We are back home again in Indiana after 10 days in India, Nepal, Singapore & Malaysia.

It was a great trip meeting with existing & potential partners & donors.

Highlights included:

  1. Visiting a Kathmandu drug rehab center as they were graduating a recovering addict after 2 years in the program.
  2. Visiting a partner’s soccer & basketball academy in Kathmandu while the kids were having their clinics.
  3. Meeting with 2 different groups of coaches in Chennai.
  4. 2 friends had babies just after our visits.
  5. Made connections with potential new partners for Mongolia & Myanmar.

These trips are always exhausting but encouraging. & I’m grateful that I get to go on them.

Lots of opportunities, lots of work, lots of friends, lots of partners….

Relationships are the foundation of a good partnership. Face to face time with friends & partners in their homes & offices is a key to keeping relationships & therefore partnerships strong.

I am grateful for our amazing partners, advisors & donors who work so hard to help children play.

4 soccer players in Chennai, India

4 soccer players in Chennai, India

Ball Project soccer goal in Nepal in action

Ball Project soccer goal in Nepal in action

Here is a bit of an update from one of our other partners in Chennai India that works in a few of the poorer communities around the city:


In the month of April and May, we in Chennai where able to reach close to 12 schools and communities through volleyball, cricket, soccer and field hockey. It was the summer break for the kids who study in school.

We were able to provide balls, cones, equipment, nets and other sports material that was needed. It was a joy to provide balls for the boys who enjoy playing.

One story that stands out is the work that has begun in Tirusulam, a community in Chennai which was reached by one of our motivated sport volunteer D.

We were able to coach close to 30 boys in that community providing balls. This community was richly blessed and we were able to bring a big smile in the faces of many young kids.

Thanks for the smile that you put in faces staying miles away!”

Thanks to our wonderful partners & supporters for helping children by helping children play.

Help children play

“Give me a ball and I’ll have a thousand kids chasing after it.” –Solomon, Kenya

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